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Our Artificial Grass Cleaner destroys odours and targets the sources of bad smells on artificial grass and astroturf. 3 in 1 formula freshens, cleans and deodorises to make your garden smell meadow fresh.

  • Can be applied via manual pump sprayer or a watering can.
  • The enzymatic formula is pet and child friendly once dry.

Dilution Ratios:

Regular treatments – dilute the liquid at a rate of 1 part cleaner and
10 parts water and apply liberally.
Heavy soil treatment – use neat and apply liberally.

For general cleaning:

  1. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.
  2. Remove as much of the soil as possible prior to cleaning.
  3. Dilute solution according to dilution ratios and apply using either a watering can or pump sprayer.
  4. Work solution into the grass with a stiff brush and leave solution for 15 minutes to dry.
  5. Once dry area is safe for pets and children.
  6. Repeat on a regular basis to keep bad odours from returning.


Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.