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When you need a solution fast, turn up the heat with Zep® Liquid Heat Drain Unblocker. The heavy duty formulation reacts with the water and blockage enabling it to melt away grease, fat and food builds up effortlessly. It is perfect for use in kitchen drains and pipes.

  • Professional strength formulation.
  • Safe for use in plastic pipes.

For general use:

  1. If the sink is full of water, remove as much as possible before before using the product.
  2. Pour 1/2 f the bottle directly into the plughole. Rinse excess from the plughole if possible.
  3. Leave to work for at least 1 hour – ideally overnight.
  4. Pour hot water down the drain to free any remaining residue.
  5. If the drain is still not completely clear, repeat above steps.


Not suitable or use in toilets or waste disposals.

For bath and shower blockages, use Zep Commercial 10 Minute Hair Clog Remover.

Do not mix with other chemicals.