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Our Pro-Strength Drain Unblocker has been formulated specifically formulated to pour through standing water to get straight to the source of the blockage.

  • Clears tough blockages fast.
  • Fantastic general purpose drain unblocker.
  • Safe for pipes and septic systems.
For general use:

  1. Pour ¼ of the bottle down the drain.
  2. Leave to work for 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.


Do not use with a plunger, in toilets or in garbage disposals.

Avoid contact with taps, drain stoppers, trim and countertops. If contact occurs, rinse immediately to prevent damage.

Do not place the bottle on clothing, carpets, upholstery or any surface that may become discoloured or damaged.

Bought in desperation and so glad I did. Even though I used over half the bottle it cleared the blockage. Would buy again and use a little regularly to keep pipes clear.
Tried rods and had my hand down, couldn’t unblock. Poured the whole lot down outside drain. 2 hours later it unblocked. Put 2 kettles water down and sorted. Worth a tenner.
I live in a tower block and now and then the drains tend to get blocked. I have tried many products to help solve this problem (including some more well-known and more expensive brands), but this is by far the best. I followed the instructions carefully and 15 minutes later the water was running away faster than it has done for a long, long time. I thoroughly recommend this product.
Used around half of the bottle and it unblocked my shower. Would recommend this product over more corrosive products as it worked just fine for me.
Not a very glamorous product but then blocked drains are not pretty. Works very quickly and effectively even when not completely blocked. Worth using regularly to reduce build up of fat in the trap.