Zep UK are proud to announce that a recent decision to give back to local communities has now started with a recent visit to a Manchester food bank, L’Chaim-Chabad.

Based in Salford, L’Chaim-Chabad is a community organisation which launched the Chabad Foodbank in 2009. With around 15 permanent volunteers, L’Chaim are always looking for local businesses to donate what they can to help those in need of a food bank in the Greater Manchester area. With this in mind, Zep UK visited L’Chaim to donate food and cleaning products last week.

By reaching out to local businesses L’Chaim have received many donations of food, cleaning products, toiletries and more. Religious holidays such as Passover, which starts on 19th April, can be a stressful time for many as it is a time when large quantities of food is bought and prepared for the celebration. This is where community organisations such as L’Chaim are greatly needed to aid those who struggle during this holiday.


As well as this, preparation of the home is important and this entails cleaning the home from top to bottom – more commonly referred to as spring cleaning. This provided a great opportunity for Zep UK, as a provider of professional cleaning solutions, to donate cleaning products as well as food. Chanah Cohen, a volunteer at the food bank commented that, “by businesses donating, it shows an appreciation for what we do, as we work so hard to help people”.

Working with local organisations such as L’Chaim is something Zep UK will continue to do going forward as part of the company’s new giving back initiative. Speaking on behalf on Zep UK, Sales and Service Director Chris Burnett says, “getting involved with local communities where we can is something myself and Zep UK are really keen to do. Visiting L’Chaim-Chabad was a fantastic place to start this initiative and I am looking forward to many more of these opportunities”. Based in Widnes, Cheshire, Zep UK will be looking for similar opportunities in the North West, for more details please contact info@zep.co.uk.

To get further information on how to make donations to L’Chaim-Chabad Foodbank please email lchaimfoodbank@lchaim.org.uk or alternatively call 0161 792 6332.