Giving back to local communities is something Zep UK are focused on and were delighted to be able to donate food and cleaning products to Widnes Foodbank.

Widnes Foodbank has three centres around Widnes that help out the local community as well as a warehouse and an office. With over 200 volunteers the project works with local businesses and organisations, such as Zep UK, to stop hunger in the area. The warehouse for the Widnes Foodbank is situated only five minutes from Zep UK’s offices which made it was possible to donate and speak to one of the volunteers, Shaun Connor, as well as the Warehouse Coordinator, Lesley Howell.

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Receiving support from local businesses is something that the food bank highly appreciates as it helps the project continue to help those in need. Shaun Connor commented on the importance of the support given, “we get a lot of help from local supermarkets where we have ongoing donations with baskets and trolleys where shoppers can donate”.

With 34% of children in the Halton Borough living in poverty unfortunately there is constant need for the Widnes Foodbank. However, they highlighted that there are busier periods. With this in mind, the project have a one day event at the end of June and three day event at the beginning of December to help keep up with the needs of the local community.

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The running and organisation of the food warehouse for Widnes Foodbank is a very important process and one that is overseen by Warehouse Coordinator Lesley Howell, “we weigh the food in and ensure all items are clearly labelled with the best before dates. We get a lot of donations from local churches however, we are seeing more and more local businesses help us out”. Zep UK are going to continue to support Widnes Foodbank with a regular donation box set up in the office for employees to donate to.

Widnes Foodbank is a part of the Trussell Trust which works to support those in need of food all-round the UK. See where you can donate by locating your local food bank here: